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I get a kick out of Christian jokes as much as anyone who attended Vacation Bible School, but there’s seriously too much monotheism in the jokes over in the Patheos Book Club right now. I will admit to being a Devil-worshipper, but I’m not very good at it. You would not learn, you would not grow The walk of faith, you would not know So I got tired, I got fed up And there I dropped you on your butt.

So as much as I was raring to write something heartfelt and reflective today, I think it’s time to unleash the funny on these folks.*pretends to crack knuckles*Why is it great having Pagan friends? ”Are you angry, disturbed, and offended by that spontaneous eclectic Pagan ritual?

“Magicka Formularia”, which was first printed in 2001, explores the formulas of magick and answers just about every question on the topic of sympathetic magick. “Journey of the Soul” tells the story of Sandra’s teacher and mentor in Wicca.

It is available on i Books, Amazon Kindle, and other ebook formats.

These prints are large and round and neat But much to big to be from feet.“My child,” she said in sombre tones“For miles I carried you alone I challenged you to walk in faith But you refused and made me wait.

But then some stranger prints appeared And I asked her, “What have we here?

Sandra’s videos have been viewed by thousands of people.

She is also the internationally recognized author of the books, “Magicka Formularia” and “Journey of the Soul”.She was named “Best Psychic” by the Miami New Times, for the years 2012, 1996, and 1992.Sandra is available for appointments in person as well as by phone or by the Internet.This is an educational series and covers many areas of metaphysics, magick, and the Wiccan religion. Her involvement with the coven spans over twenty years, and the Circle of Isis Rising is the only coven Sandra has ever been initiated into in this life. Sandra’s expertise covers the areas of psychic realms, occult phenomena and Witchcraft.As a result, she has been asked to appear on local (Miami), national (Discovery Channel), and international television stations (Telemundo).

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