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He wanted to save some extra money with Christmas coming so he could get Sammy the laptop he had his eye on.Plus, Dean knew his father was behind on the bills.He had been late getting to bed the previous evening, as he was trying to catch up on a science project that would be a huge part of his grade.

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Sam shot his brother the ultimate of his bitch faces, and then paused and really looked at his brother. Sure, he always had been lean, but this was more than that; he was looking gaunt and sickly, two things Sam never associated with his older brother. " Sam asked, slipping into the nickname he had given to his brother when they were much younger. As Sam watched his brother scurry out the door, he sighed. He had to, in a way, if he was going to keep their little family together.The teacher glared at him, somewhat annoyed with his dramatic entrance, but didn't comment.Dean couldn't even muster a cocky grin in rejoinder. The nausea he felt earlier was gone (thank God), but he felt the aches in his joints more keenly, and he felt the fine sheen of sweat that had broken out on his brow from his race to class.He pushed those thoughts out of his head, they weren't important right now.What was important was getting himself ready for school so he could get Sammy ready.

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