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And we’ve all by now goofed around with trying to make ELIZA or Siri say unexpected things.But I thought it’d be more interesting to see what happened if you locked two lonely, worked-up sexbots in a room together. A: Yes, Jabberwacky, ALICE loves everyone and everything. A: Perhaps you could develop it and add it to my source code. The bit where “I” invited one to join “my” cam-girl site and she responded by saying “miami” makes me think there’s probably a whole load of “no I actually am a real live girl” conversation I could’ve spun through if both bots weren’t so desperate to Get Things Going. My pal Zane had the funniest final word on the whole thing… But while we’re all on the same page, I also wanna plug my pal Rob Dubbin’s New York Review of Bots blog (“a professional journal of automated-agent studies”), which catalogs a lot of the best advances happening in the Twitter-bot sphere — work far above and beyond a dumb dude cutting and pasting sex chat IMs.(Not coincidentally, Rob also gave birth to @oliviataters, who is for sure my favorite disaffected teen-girl bot on all of Twitter.) Oh, and also, have you ever heard this amazing Voight-Kampff conversation with a telemarketer bot? Man, we’re so right at the cusp of a really fantastic future for bot interaction of all proclivities.Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations. That’s because they rely on a trick of human psychology: We humans tend to attribute much more intelligence to the systems than is actually there.

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SYNTAX ERROR), which I still think is basically the height of computercomedy 30 years later. Two out of three men actually click on these links, which makes it without doubt the best conversion rate in the world. Inbar Raz started his research with building the perfect Tinder profile. According to research conducted by Inbar Raz of Perimeter X, it’s an incredible 70%! A: HAL is the famous artificial intelligence from 2001: A Space Odyssey. A: Can you explain how it feels to be 53 years old?

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