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In the beginning of Ara Nya Khaa NDam of Srimad Valmiki Ramaya Nam, we find several kinds of Rishis enumerated.

(e.g.) Sage Viswaamitra, Ambareesha, Trasadayu, Sibi Chakravarthi and Maandaata were in this category.

, Cambridge, 1953 (page 2) In Atharva Veda, it referred to a clan.

s GOtra and the Rishi who founded it but also the ? consisting of a group of Rishis who constitute a triumvirate (3) or pentagon (5) of remote ancestors of one?

The debt to the Rishis is the debt which he owes to learning in the shape of his cultural heritage. , Delhi, 1989, p.69) Dharma Sastras require us to pronounce the name of the Rishi of one? It is therefore, necessary to know about the Gotras and Rishis because it is these Rishis who discovered the Mantras in the first place. (Vide: Arsh Eya Braahma Na 1.1.6, Brihad-yoga Yaagjnavalkhya 1.27, Bharadwaja 5.43, Brahma Sutra 1.1.39, Sankara Baashya Brihad Devata 1.2. The remembrance of the Seer of a Mantra becomes an integral part of any recitation?

We do this in all our domestic rituals like Sandhyaavandanam, Upanayanam, Abhivaadanam, Vivaaham etc. , Rishis becomes the principal Gurus of the respective Mantras and the founded the Gotras bearing their names.

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