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They should want to mark books and stress about school inspections and whatever else they get up to in the staff room. The lighting from this side isn’t the best but at least the spot isn’t visible. I only have to go up there for a couple of seconds to take a photo and I feel uneasy. He’s still talking in his fake American accent—which he’s been doing ever since he got the part. He’s one of those teachers who likes being “down with the kids”—all gelled hair and “call me Jeff.” He’s also the reason our version of Romeo and Juliet is set in a Brooklyn ghetto and Juliet is leaning out of a trailer rather than a balcony. Beaconsfield, but then, he does always cast her in all the lead roles. Teachers shouldn’t want to hang out with teenagers. I don’t know how people can actually perform onstage. That’s another cringe-fact about him—the way he calls us all by a nickname. Oh my God, Juliet used to be played by a man back in Shakespeare’s day! I look up at Ollie, who is currently gazing up at Megan. ” Ollie asks, when he finally gets to the end of his speech. Friends do know what is Online Pakistani chat room without registration ????It’s an area on the Internet or another computer network where users can communicate. He’s supposed to be doing it to relieve my boredom but, seriously, does anyone really need to know that Shakespeare was baptized in 1564? “Penny, could you get a shot of Juliet leaning out of the trailer? She’s wearing a baseball cap with SWAG printed on the front and has a thick fake-gold chain with a huge fake-gold dollar sign dangling from her neck. Hey, Penny, did you know that William Shakespeare is an anagram for “I am a weakish speller”? In the time I’ve been watching the dress rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet (three hours of my life that I will never get back), Elliot has bombarded me with hundreds of random texts about Shakespeare. I go up the steps at the side of the stage and crouch down beneath Megan. Apparently all the top actors do it; they call it “method acting.” “Of course, Ollz,” says Call-Me-Jeff. Even though Ollie’s dressed in an even worse costume than Megan’s—making him look like a cross between a Jeremy Kyle guest and Snoop Dogg—he still somehow manages to look cute. He thinks Ollie’s really vain and calls him the Walking Selfie, but, to be fair, he doesn’t really know him. “It’s just so hard to tell,” I whisper, my face flushing crimson. “Because they both look good to me,” I say, desperation setting in. “It’s my right side,” he says, and turns back to face the trailer.

With all these facilities we inform you A friendly stranger in a Free Online Pakistani Chat Room Without Registration is still a stranger and not an ideal person for you to trust with your phone number or personal information. “It’s my right, of course,” Ollie hisses, looking at me like I’m demented again. When the rehearsal is finally over—and I’ve learned from Elliot that Shakespeare was only eighteen when he got married and he wrote thirty-eight plays in total—a group of us head to JB’s Diner to get milkshakes and chips. “Um, OK, thanks,” I say, my tongue instantly tying itself in knots. I style it out and luckily Ollie seems not to notice. My fingers twitch as the inspiration for a blog post pops into my head. “That looks really good.” “Ooh, let me see my one,” Megan cries, grabbing the camera from him and pressing at it wildly. Normally, I don’t mind sharing things—I even give half my advent-calendar chocolates to my brother, Tom—but my camera is different. I don’t do any of my usual things, like checking the lighting or the angle or anything—I just press the button and stumble out of there. It seems to be full of holes that exist just for me to fall into! Beaconsfield and the two assistant directors, all of the seats are empty. To say I’m not very good with crowds would be a bit like saying Justin Bieber isn’t very good with the paparazzi. Just as I get back to my safe spot at the side of the stage my phone bleeps again. “Shouldn’t Penny take a picture of me in this scene too? His one has STUD printed on the front in black diamante. Elliot goes to a private school in Hove; he’s only seen Ollie when we’ve bumped into him on the beach or in town.

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