Freddy and carly dating

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In the next cut, her remote necklace gets mysteriously tucked under her shirt.

may have aired on Nickelodeon back in 2012, but not every storyline had a clear conclusion.

" and then Carly will say "Well what do you mean the candles aren't lit?

" and then I'll press this button, and-Sam: Getting stuff. A cute boy is gonna be here any minute and I'm all wrinkled like an elderly raisin!!

Once she got down to the bottom there was a ring, almost, if not as identical to Carly's."Samantha Puckett, will you marry me? ""I'm in your room putting dusting everything with flee powder!

""Spencer, why do you even have to ask that question?

[starts getting things out of her school bag] Here's a wig for you, [puts a wig on Carly's head] and a wig for you.

Freddie took the camera back from Gibby and shut off the link. She didn't like kissing him in front of Spencer, Sam, and Gibby. It was a simple yet expensive ring."Freddie how did you….. where did you….." Carly was cut off by Freddie pulling her into a hug and eventually kissing her. If you like we could get married after college, that way we could have a longer time to plan.""I think we are engaged that we should get married before we go to college.would it be too weird if I asked Spencer to marry me? maybe tonight…"Carly smiled to herself, she knew that Spencer was going to ask as soon as she and Freddie where down stairs. I was going to ask you tonight if you didn't, but now I'm glad you asked! Either you come in and risk being covered or, we can go out into the living room."Carly and Freddie looked at each other, turned around and headed to the living room."Now what do you want to tell me? "Freddie looked at Carly, rolled his eyes, and looked back at his mom."Mom…""Mrs.""Why don't you wait and see if he is going to ask you? I don't wait very long...""When are you going to ask him, if you do? Once Carly, Freddie, and Sam got downstairs, Spencer gave Sam a huge bowl full of ice cream and told her to eat it. "Carly and Freddie took this opportunity to go across the hall to Freddie's apartment to tell his mom the good news."MOM? Benson, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes.""Really! I think I'll go and start powdering my room."Carly and Freddie looked at each other and headed to his room to air it out and try to get rid of all the powder.So, uh, a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, you know, go out with each other. It's, not a joyful life but, not much worse than the life I used to have. without consequences- [Nora interrupts with a guilty noise] A person never learns- [Nora interrupts once again with a gulity noise] Oh, just let her go, let her go! And since your life up to this point has been truly.. [clicks his pen and starts writing] Nora Dershlit is hereby granted parole, to be immediately released, to the custody of her parents.And it's like wondering of Sam is crazy for wanting to, but nobody asked me how I feel. At least now I'm surrounded by other prisoners so, in a way, I finely have friends. Nora's Mother: Ok kids, we don't need to talk about that terrible day!

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