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It was during this time that she knew for sure that Korra felt the same. ___________________Korra arrives on time, holding a bouquet of roses, and sheepishly holds it out for Asami when she opens the door, wordlessly grinning the whole time.

For Asami, it was only a matter of waiting for Korra to ask the “magic question”. "Aww, how sweet", Asami says, taking the roses in her arms, smiling at Korra in the way that makes her heart pound so hard she can feel it in her toes. This is it, Korra thinks to herself, this is the moment to ask.

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Shaykh: Yes, without using the hand there is nothing wrong with it; he may imagine himself being intimate with her and there is nothing wrong with that.

It's a labor of love, really.___________(This is for my girlfriend, who inspired this whole thing to begin with) 1. Korra’s eyes widen in surprise, as if aware of what’s taking place."Korra, I love you. They spend a moment in that blissful, tender silence before Korra speaks up, her voice muffled as her face is buried in Asami’s long black hair.

Tell the avatar that you’re more than willing to be her girlfriend before the she passes out from the apparent stress of even asking. You, Asami…."Asami had been waiting patiently for Korra to find the phrase “please have dinner with me tonight” for around ten minutes.

【Want to link the game data from your phone to your Facebook? Please note that you will not lose “Items” and “Avatars” you obtained even if you change a story or a character. Please tap "Login with Facebook" on a top page of app 3.It's a labor of love, really.(One shots revolving Asami and Korra and their inevitable romance post book 4. Of course, the “not-very-Korra” behavior very much exists within the realm of “natural Korra behavior” and Asami is simply the only one to experience it thus far. Don’t worry, you’ve only been out for about twenty minutes", Asami says, smiling to reassure Korra. But being the engineer that she is, she takes notes on just how to “handle” the avatar the way that only she can. Korra visibly calms down, and Asami decides to finish the conversation they had before the avatar, who had previously saved the world 4 times, passed out before she could ask Asami the “magic question”. She’ll be damned if she doesn’t manage to make the avatar her girlfriend before the night ends. Nothing could make me happier right now."And Korra bolts up and embraces Asami, conveying all the love she could in that one hug. Replenish in accordance with the following times: 4 AM / 8 AM / 12 PM / 4 PM / 8 PM / 12 AM You may confirm the presence or absence of replenished Story Tickets in the upper part of the screen where Story Tickets are indicated in blue.Style Point is the combined total of Points attributed to all of the Avatar Items which You and He are currently wearing.

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