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Topics include: Young Lion Jazz of the 80’s, Tain/Wynton, Jam sessions, AACM, Critics and race.— When I called Wynton to set up the interview, he told me his address.Dizzy told me this around 1980, when I wasn’t thinking about integration at all. “We don’t need to be integrated.” No one has paid heavier dues for being an angry young interviewee than Wynton Marsalis.

However, it is noticeable that whenever Ornette Coleman is mentioned, the name Charlie Haden is not included.Ornette is Wynton’s token “avant-garde” musician, since Ornette inarguably always sounds like the blues.But it is impossible to assess Ornette without Haden: indeed, the finest and most innovative interpreters of the Coleman style, Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny, have never really done Coleman-inspired music without Haden present.It’s been eight years since the two Wynton interviews and five long sidebar articles went up on old DTM.The best material from the old sidebars is now in this leaner single page.

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