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Then, in the main Adobe Reader screen, click on Rotate Clockwise two times to make the images up-side down. "Free for fun.." Most (if not all) of the images have been derived from royalty-free, royalty- free used-with-permission, personal, and web-found images. Regarded by many to embody the Western Mystery Tradition, this is a black & white deck.

Now you can print pages 2-15 with the same settings as before, and you'll get the other halves of the pages."(Loretta recommends World of Tarot, the program is on CD (not free) but very comprehensive and customisable, and includes nine card decks) ~~~~~~~~~ Do visit Krysias website for more info. The colouring of the images should be undertaken as an exercise in order to assimilate the depth of each card - one might say "a spiritual excerise".

There are two downloads for the PDF, the single download generates an error when opening it.

To download a working version of the PDF (plus all the cards) click the appropriate link on the left.

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Variously described as a 'humanistic deck' or a 'cosomological deck' and even an 'astrological deck', it has five sets of ten cards.

See examples in the copyrights which accompany decks under the GPL & GNU licences. The playing card brushes are for a standard 52 card deck, plus joker and card back. Author Licence: Terms of use: These brushes are - and shall always remain - FREE. Licence: "These card images are distributed as freeware, meaning you can use and distribute the deck as you wish, provided that you do not charge anything for doing so. Orginal card images which suggest divinatory meanings for the cards. Note: The court cards are modified images from the Oxymoron deck. Licence: This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Copyright (C) 2004 Tazmarie Regular 52 card deck - no joker(s), no cardback. Beautifuly blended images, with some translucant effects. Brad Pitt, other cards like "Judgment", are stunningly evocative. Format: jpg includes two versions of some cards, so you can choose the images you prefer.

Stephanie has two downloads, one for the Brushes and one for the card Images. They are available for commercial or non-commercial usage. If you use these cards as part of a commercial product or for commercial purposes you must clearly state that they are non-commercial freeware and give credit to the artist/author. Pip-cards are unusual, court cards have single upright images. Note: The cardback is a separate download from the website.

Andreas Schrter 1995-2002 Full 78 card deck based on the Rider-Waite design. If I can find an alternate download I will post it here. 2008) These were the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot card images made available on the internet back in the 90s. (Source: Mystic Games website) Full 78 card deck (Rider-Smith- Waite). These are high quality black and white images of all 78 cards for you to print or decorate as you please.

The images have been repainted in watercolours and have a soft dreamy appearance which (for me) encourages a calm serene contemplative approach. The individual cards plus divinatory text can viewed/downloaded at the website. Cards are large-size for sending to your printer and creating physical decks . Melanie Bacon As you might guess, this is a Tarot with images of Hollywood film stars, past & present. 'landscape') Download each card individually from the website if you would like to create a Hollywood Tarot deck for yourself.

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