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I'm undaunted, but no closer to finding a candidate. At least a dozen couples are seeking a woman for a threesome. Since I can't compete on looks or age, I decide to distinguish myself by sounding desperate: "I'd like to give my partner his best birthday present ever: an experience with me and another woman. "It's not my neck that's going to be sticking out," I say. Although she's dressed conservatively, I notice that her makeup is fresh. Despite the peculiar circumstances, she's clinging to the conventions of female bonding. She says she's never been with another woman and isn't sure how she'll feel about that.

Fortunately, my husband and I extend the deadline a few weeks past his birthday after realizing that, between work trips and school holidays, we don't actually have time for a threesome until the end of the month.

That’s all fine and good, but we still think the first step here is coming up with a better name.

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But — as in many stories I hear — there's an imbalance. " She signs it "N." It may seem imprudent to pledge loyalty to an anonymous, bisexual woman who trolls "no-strings" websites, but I decide on the spot that I won't respond to anyone else. I'm not sure about the exchange deal, but that doesn't seem to be mission-critical for her (although when I read the e-mail to my husband that night, he says, "I'll swap you"). It turns out she's a straight, divorced, disease-free mom in her 40s who claims she was motivated to answer my ad by a kind of sexual altruism. My husband, who spent years of his life addressing this particular challenge, gives me a little pep talk. After about an hour, she takes out her calendar, and we schedule the threesome for a week later, the 20th, over lunchtime. Of course this is just a small list of what is available to you and there is a version of the site available for most countries.As a free member you can chat, send instant messages, and browse through the worldwide database of profiles. It also seeks to make society as a whole more open about sexual desires. So you’ll have to be patient, but the upside here is that the developers still have time to come up with a less-confusing and easier-to-pronounce name. But 3nder doesn’t just seek to help individuals satisfy their needs and fulfill their fantasies.

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